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May 30, 2020  

Self sanitizing police interceptor, AAA Memebership give-away and a review of the Honda Civic Si

In this episode we talk with Steve Tyler of Ford Police vehicles, then have a little trivia fun and review a Honda Civic

May 23, 2020  

Car Buying with Julie Blackley

In this episode we talk with Julie Blackley of car buying and research site

May 19, 2020  

Guest Appearence on NPR’s Maine Calling

I got to spend some time with Maine Calling's host Jennifer Rooks and Jamie Page Deaton of US News and World Report and we talk all things automotive with a lively audience from Maine

May 16, 2020  

A very fast guy-NHRA’s Matt Hagan and a review of the Nissan Sentra

In this episode we talk with two time NHRA world champion funny car driver Matt Hagan. Then a review of the Nissan Sentra and chat with our radio family.

May 9, 2020  

Modern Mobile Tire service the Tread Connection and Ford Mustang movie history with Ford’s Ted Ryan

In this episode we talk with Jay Condrick of the mobile tire service-- Tread Connection and then chat with Ford Historian and archivist Ted Ryan. We also talk with Perter from Salem an Edsel historian and review the Nissan Leaf  

May 2, 2020  

Car Design and Convertible Tops

In this episode we talk with Doug Haartz of Haartz, the largest manufacturer of convertible topping materials located in Acton Massachusetts.  Then we talk with Mark Trostle designer at FCA about the

The a little car trivia and a review of the 2020 Nissan Leaf


April 29, 2020  

One of the smartest people I know, Jamie Page Deaton of US New and World Report

Jamie is the executive editor of growth opportunities for US News and always fun to chat cars with

April 25, 2020  

All about Mitsubishi with jeremy barnes of Mitsubishi and Kevin Michaud of Michaud Mitsubishi

In this weeks show it is all about Mitsubishi, the cars the company and most importantly the dealers

April 18, 2020  

Car refinancing, Ford helps out and local car dealer Warren Waugh



Here is today's line up Shaun McGee of VP of Finance for AAA  talks about refinancing your car loan, then Marcy Fisher, director global body exterior and interior engineering for Ford to talks about how Ford is to Produce Powered Air-Purifying Respirators, Masks for COVID-19 Protection in Two Michigan Facilities; Scaling Up Production of Gowns and Testing Collection Kits and round out the program we talk with Warren Waugh who owns  Porsche Jaguar, Land Rover, Audi BMW, Mercedes, Acura, Mini dealerships and how he is dealing with the Corona Virus and finish up with Robert from Tyngsboro who has a question about brake wear. 

April 11, 2020  

We talk cars with Brian Lohnes -race announcer and

In this episode we talk with fellow NEMPA member and Fox Sports announcer Brian Lohnes, Brian is a hard working guy, announcing for Fox Sports, runs and you may have seen him on MotorTrend TV

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