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December 5, 2022  

Additives and more with Lucas Oil’s Brandon Greene

In this episode we talk with Brandon Greene of Lucas oil. We talk about how the company started, the "fix-it" products and the products that can help your vehicle's engine run better and longer. 

November 27, 2022  

Electric vehicles and motor oil, we cover it all

In this episode we talk with Caley Hill Manager, Electric vehicle Ecosystem for General Motors. We cover alot of general questions about electric cars. Check out the website Then we talk with Michael Thomas, host of Penzoil Michael's Motor Alley and we talk about one of my favorite topics oil. Check out Michael's podcast and website  I also tell a few stories and answer some questions from the Car Doctor mailbag

November 20, 2022  

Talking the GM Hummer EV with Zane Merva

In this episode we talk with EV owner and Zane Merva (also a NEMPA member)  about his electric vehicle experience with his 1000 horsepower Hummer. Then a few questions from the mailbag and answering questions from our radio family 

November 14, 2022  

Talking cars, oil and gasoline with NEMPA member and jounalist Tim Plouff

In this episode we talk with long time New England Motor Press member Tim Plouff about electric cars, EV charging and the gas and oil industry. I also talk about one handy little cutter from  and answer question from the mailbag. If you have a car question and I try to answer everyone myemail is 

November 7, 2022  

We talk cars and car repair with NEMPA member and one half of Drive Through Radio John Zangari

This program started off a little rocky due to technical problems and for the first few minutes it was the Jesse and John Zangari show. But Executive producer Jesse Wilkins diagnosed the problem and I was able to join my own program. 

October 31, 2022  

We talk with NEMPA member and all around car guy Chris Teague

Chris provides great insight to automotive news, reviews, guides and gear. He also has a focus on family-friendly models and products. He does this on a radio program several websites and now his own website And of course we also talk with our radio family

October 25, 2022  

First program from Florida dealing with Hurricane Ian

In this episode I'm broadcasting from Englewood Florida dealling with the aftermath of the hurricane. Luckily I'm able to use the Comrex Field Tap app and AAA AAR Shop owner and NEMPA member joins me in case something goes wrong -which it didn't. 

October 17, 2022  

AAA and the Innovation Studio, a review of the Mazda 3 AWD and a giveawy of the Corvette Book 70 years the One and Only

In this program we review the very capable Mazda 3 hatchback, givewawy Richard Prince's Corvette book to a Corvette owner and chat with Ashley Medeiros of the Innovation Studio about an exciting new partnership with AAA Northeast.  

October 10, 2022  

Corvette 70 Years-The One and Only with Author Richard Prince

In this episode we talk with author Richard Prince who produced one of the nicest Corvette books I have seen. This book tells a great story of America's sports car-The Corvette. Also we talk with our listener family, review the Nissan Rogue and apologize 

October 2, 2022  

Talking Cars with Chasing Classic Cars Wayne Carini from Newport Motor Week

In this episode we talk with car legend Wayne Carini. You know Wayne from TV on Chasing Classic Cars and he called in from Newport Motor Week and the Audrain Museum. We chatted with our listener family and a bit of an update on my mobile home in Florida after hurricane Ian

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