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October 19, 2019  

VW Golf Review, a little comedy and great callers

In this episode we talk about a great field trip to Haartz, review the VW Golf SportWagon and talk with my listener family

October 13, 2019  

Car Doctor and George Kennedy and RADWOOD

In this episode we talk with NEMPA member George Kennedy about all things automotive and Radwood at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum

October 5, 2019  

live from the Audrain Museum Cars and Coffee

In this episode we were at the Audrain Museum Motor week Cars and Coffee event with some spectacular cars

September 28, 2019  

Newport Car Museum founder Gunther Buerman and Ford’s Ted Ryan

In this episode we talk with the founder of the Newport Car Museum Gunther Buerman about Newport's Motor week, the Ford's Ted Ryan about the 80th anniversary of the Lincoln Continental. We review the Ford Edge and talk about the Boston Cup and how I want a Honda Jet. We also talk with our listener family.

September 21, 2019  

Newport Auto Week, all about Acura and the Lexus RC-F review

In this episode we talk with Rick Schad director of operations of the Audrain Car Museum and executive director of Audrains Concours and Motor Week. Then we talk with the Jon Ikeda VP of Acura about where Acura is headed. Then a little Acura trivia and a review of the Lexus RC-F

September 14, 2019  

Lincoln Aviator, Honda Civic, Craig Fitzgerald

In this episode we talk with fellow NEMPA member Craig Fitzgerald about his adventure sleeping on the roof of a Subaru, somehow we also talk about North Shore Beefs, review a Honda Civic and play a little Lee Iacocca trivia

September 7, 2019  

Hybrid Ford Explorer, Nissan Altima review and InControl Driving

In this episode we talk with Lee Newcomb, Ford Explorer Marketing manager about the new hybrid Explorer and the Boston Art Festival, then a review of the Nissan Altima with all-wheel-drive and then we give away a gift certificate to InControl Driving School

August 31, 2019  

Jeep Gladiator review and Labor Day/Hurricane Trivia

In this labor day episode we go over the current automotive news of the week, review the fantastic Jeep Gladiator and play a little trivia

August 24, 2019  

Palmer Motor Sports Park

In this episode we talk with the CEO of Whiskey Hill racing aka Palmer Motor Sports Park about club/hobby racing. Then a little Volvo trivia and a review of the Nissan Kicks 

August 17, 2019  

Cadillacs, Dash Cams, WORXs tool, Volkswagen Tiquan review and Easy Rider trivia

In this episode we talk with Cadillac engineer Joel Hofman about the all new Cadillac XT6, then a review of the 70MAI Dashcam, update of the WORX Hydroshot and review of the 3 row VW Tiguan. Then test your trivia knowledge about Easy Rider