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June 21, 2022  

Ford opens the Heritage Vault

in this episode we talk with Ford's historian Ted Ryan about how Ford is opening up their vault of heritage materials at Http:// We also give away the Innova scan tool to a lucky listener 

June 14, 2022  

Joseph Vellone North America head of EVEnergy chats about smart EV charging

EV Energy is working with National Grid here in Massachusetts to provide smarter electric vehicle charging

June 14, 2022  

Boston Duck Tour’s Tony Cerulle and Innova Scan Tool Giveaway

Boston Duck Boats are as iconic as the Prudential Center, the Olde North Church and Faneuil Hall. Did you ever wonder how they keep them in tip-top shape? We chat with the head of engineering and spiritual leader of the garage staff of Boston Duck Tours - Tony Cerulle. Also listen how to win a scan tool from Innova, which we will give away on Father’s Day weekend

June 9, 2022  

Jeeps, Jeeps and win a Jeep

In this episode we talk with Leighton O'Conner a pastor and Jeep enthusiast who is traveling to 50 cities in 300 days, living in his Jeep Wrangler delivering necessities to the homeless. Leighton also started the Then if you want to win your own custom Jeep our buddy George Kennedy fill us in on the Jeep that is being raffled off at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum

June 1, 2022  

Barn Find Hunter Tom Cotter and Ford honors veterans

On this episode we talk with Tom Cotter the Barn Find Hunter who has also written many books including the  Cobra in the Barn, Cars of Cuba and is working on the great American Road Trip. Then we talk with Darci Gurney of Ford about the Ford Proud To Honor Program 

May 24, 2022  

Proud To Honor —- A Ford Program to help our Veterans

In this episode we talk with Darci Gurney the Ford Brand Content Alliance Manager about Proud to Honor 

May 23, 2022  

Car Dealer Warren Waugh talks about the business and some of his favorite cars

In this episode we talk with car dealer Warren Waugh of the Lyon Waugh group about cars, the state of the business and how advantageous it could be to become and automotive technician. We also connect with some old friends and talk with a few of our regular listeners

May 17, 2022  

Most common reasons for Check-Engine lights with Kristin Brocoff of

In this episode we talk with Kristin Brocoff of about the most common reasons that we see check engine light repairs. Also you need to check out the

We also gave away a AAA membership 

Plus one of our listeners sent us a song

Give it all a listen 

May 13, 2022  

I chat with Lance Smith of Vermont Sports Cars

Vermont Sports cars has been building Rally Cars and Rally Cross cars for years and has had a 20 year relationship with Subaru. Now they going to run two electric Rally Cross cars. The future is electric 

May 9, 2022  

Fastest selling vehicles according to

In this episode we talk with executive analyst Karl Brauer about what is hot right now, a little insight on the Ford F-150 Lightning and the painful  gas prices. Plus insight on used car prices from one of our favorite listeners Robert from Tyngsboro 

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